First things first, go to your site settings to add your domain.

You want this site accessible with or without the "www", so you need to add both. Start with "".

You'll need to create a "CNAME record" wherever you manage your domain and paste in the information given to you.

Next, add the domain without the "www". This time, it's an "A record". We'll repeat the steps above in our DNS provider.

Only one of these domains can be in the URL bar, so make the "www" your primary domain. All the others will automatically redirect to it.

Next, add your page metadata for SEO. The title is what users will see when this page appears in search results, social media links, and browser tabs.

The description will usually appear below the title depending on where the link appears. Make sure to click the green save button!

Finally, you'll want to measure traffic to this page so we recommend adding Google Analytics. To do this, you'll need to create a snippet so that you can put custom code on your pages.

Be sure to give it a name so you can find it later, and paste the code Google provides.

This snippet can be enabled in the live page, the builder, or both. For analytics, you don't want to track people in the builder, so just leave that unchecked.

Some vendors will instruct you to include their snippets in the "Head" or "Body" of your page, which you can select when creating the snippet. Google Analytics goes in the <head>, so we'll leave it the way it is.

Since we want to track visitors across our entire site, we'll need to make this a default snippet so it's included on all new pages. Then add the snippet to your page.

And now we're live! We can view the live page by clicking the URL under the page name.

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