Start by adding a call-to-action form layout to your page.

Now, to set up this form you first need to connect it to a database table. This is where the submissions will be stored.

Give your table a name and double click to select it.

To add form fields you'll need to create columns for your table. Start with first name, last name, and email.

You can put first name and last name on the same row by clicking the horizontal dashed line between them. You can also increase the space between all of the fields by increasing the gap to 20 pixels.

Now you'll want to make some edits to the submit button. You can change the color and text, and also make it full width.

Now let's test it out. Click the green publish button. Then open the menu next to the publish button and click on "View live". This will take us to the live page, where we can fill out the form with some test information.

Let's see where that form submission went. Click on the logo in the top left corner to open the main navigation and then select "Database."

Find your table and click on it.

If you ever need to capture more information, like a phone number, you can add columns to your table.

Lastly, you can get email alerts for new submissions by adding a notification email.

And if you need new submissions to go to your CRM or marketing automation system, you can connect your table using Zapier.

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