Start by adding some color to your button. Colors can be saved site-wide so add your brand color and select it.

Now, let's use our brand color on our heading.

It's likely that you'll want to use these text styles again on other pages. Rather than set it each time, you can save the text styles in your current selection as a "Typography" that can be reused. Name this one "Heading 1".

You can do the same thing with the body text. Call this one "Paragraph" and save it.

Now add a features section by going to the layouts found in the toolbar. Layouts are prebuilt sections that we can easily drag into our page.

Use the "Heading 1" typography on the first feature header to quickly set most of the text styles we'll need for these feature headings.

Now decrease the font size for the feature header. Changing a text style will override the base "Heading 1" style, which is shown by the yellow highlights in the sidebar.

When you open the Typography menu, you'll see that you can create a new typography -or- update the existing "Heading 1".

In this case, we'll create a new "Heading 2" style. Matching the rest of the text in this section is now a breeze.

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