When creating a new page, you'll be able to select from a library of pre-built, fully responsive page templates. Each template contains a fully designed layout that is fully customizable to match your brand.

Using Makeswift page templates

After selecting a page template, you will have full control over every aspect of the page. The template's original colors, typography styles, files, and forms will appear in the page builder but are not automatically added to your site.

When selecting text in content mode, you will see a prompt that allows you to quickly add its typography style to your site. This will enable you to reuse and update the typography to your liking.

Forms that come with a page template will not save data when the page is published. You will need to connect the form to a database table found in your own workspace to do so.

Using your own pages as templates

You can also use your own published pages as templates. To start with one of your own pages, click on the dropdown found at the top of the template library labeled "Makeswift Templates" and select one of your own workspaces. You'll then be able to browse within each site found in that workspace via the second dropdown.

Using a published page as a template is currently the only way to move pages between sites and workspaces. Keep in mind if using a page from a different site, its original colors and typography styles will not be added automatically. If using a page from a different workspace, its database tables will also not be added and forms will not save data. You can use the same workflow discussed in "Using Makeswift page templates" to resolve these issues.

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