Makeswift allows you to import pages from your Landing Lion workspaces, even after creating a Makeswift account. The import tool will only create copies of your Landing Lion pages into your Makeswift account, generating new sites. It will not sync changes between the two. 

Navigate to your workspace settings from the start screen and go to the “Import” tab. 

Enter your Landing Lion credentials, which includes the email and password you use to login to Landing Lion.

Once your credentials have been submitted, you’ll be able to choose which Landing Lion workspaces you’d like to import. Each domain used in Landing Lion will become a separate site in your Makeswift workspace.

Depending on the amount of pages and assets being transferred to Makeswift, the import can take several minutes or longer. Once the import is finished, you’ll be redirected to the start screen with all the newly added sites found on the left.

If you experience any errors during the import process, you can retry the import as many times as you'd like. Feel free to reach out to support via the in-app chat, or at for help.

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