If you’re currently on the Launching plan in Landing Lion and have several custom domains, your Makeswift estimate on the Pay-per-site plan may be higher than what you are currently paying.

In Makeswift, sites are a collection of pages connected to a single domain. To make the transition to Makeswift smooth, your imported Landing Lion pages are grouped by domain and added to Makeswift as separate sites. You currently cannot move pages between sites in Makeswift, so we suggest taking care of unused domains before you make the move.

Here are some ways you can bring your Makeswift monthly cost down:

Use fewer domains in Landing Lion

Fewer domains used in Landing Lion means fewer sites created in Makeswift. We suggest editing the URL of your pages in Landing Lion and using as few custom domains as possible. Once in Makeswift, you can add these additional domains as secondary, redirected domains.

Warning: Changing the URLs of live pages may affect SEO and can create dead links from sites linking to these pages.

Combine workspaces

If you have multiple workspaces with custom domains, we also suggest moving pages into a single workspace. With all your pages in one workspace, you’ll be able to use fewer domains. To move your pages across workspaces, follow this help article.

Upgrade to Unlimited

If you’re unable to consolidate your domains, and you’re expecting to have 3 or more sites in Makeswift, upgrading to the Unlimited plan would be your best option. For $99 per month, you’ll be able to create unlimited sites and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Add unlimited users
  • Have access to all future features
  • Locked-in pricing. The Pay-per-site price is subject to change.
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