Makeswift allows you to optimize your page designs for different screen sizes. You can switch device modes at the top center of the page builder toolbar to see what your page will look like at the standard screen size for that device.

By default, styles from desktop mode cascade to tablet, and tablet to mobile. Once a style has been altered on a smaller device, it will no longer be affected by changes from a larger device. All element and text styles can be set per device. Things such as altering content, sorting elements, or changing links are not responsive.

Select an element and switch to a smaller device. If a style has been set in a larger device, a small icon will be next to that styles label.

Making an edit to the style on a smaller device will change the icon to an “X”. Clicking the “X” will revert the style back to the larger device.

Setting responsive breakpoints

Select a box containing multiple elements in a single row. Vertical dashed lines appear in between each element. Click anywhere on a vertical dashed line to split the row.

A horizontal dashed line will now be between the two rows. Clicking the horizontal line will join the adjacent rows back into a single row. Different breakpoints can be set on different device modes.

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