The form component collects data to store in your workspace’s database. After dropping a form component on a page, the first step is to connect the form to a database table.

Managing form fields

All columns in the database table will automatically populate the form. Unwanted form fields can be removed. To re-add an existing field, or create a brand new field, click the “+” icon. New fields will be added to the table in the database.

Click on a field to open its options. 

Fields can be made hidden by clicking the eye icon when hovering over a field. Hidden fields with preset values will be stored in the table.

If a field’s connected table column is removed, a placeholder will be used.

Styling forms

The form component contains a grid, similar to a box component. You can join form fields into a single row and adjust the column layout of each row.

Styles for a form's inputs, labels, and submit button are all configurable in the sidebar. You can also customize the size and shape for all form inputs. The contrast panel makes the form fields either dark or light in color to work on all backgrounds.

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