The backgrounds panel allows you to add color or media behind content inside of a box. Multiple backgrounds can be layered and sorted within a single box, including the following:

  • Colors

  • Images

  • Gradients

  • Videos


Colors can be set as a background fill. You can also layer translucent colors on top of images to add overlays.


By default, background images will fill the entire box. You can also tile background patterns and choose where to anchor a background image.

Parallax can also easily be added to background images using the parallax slider.


Multiple colors can be selected to create fades and other effects. Click on each color stop handle to select a color. Click anywhere on the gradient slider to add more color stops.

Rotate the gradient direction by dragging the gray triangle around the circle. Clicking the circle will turn the linear gradient into a radial gradient.


Use videos hosted on the following streaming platforms as backgrounds:

  • YouTube

  • Vimeo

  • Wistia

  • Facebook

  • Dailymotion

  • Twitch

Add a video by copying and pasting the link from your browser’s URL bar from any of the mentioned platforms. No iframes or embeds needed.

Background videos will be set to autoplay, looped, and muted by default.

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