Double-click on any text on your page to switch into content mode. In content mode, you can quickly click between and edit all text on a page, similar to Google Docs.

Double click anywhere outside of text to switch back into Build mode.

Block options

Block options apply to an entire paragraph, regardless of which part of the paragraph is highlighted. Block options include:

  • Selecting which heading tag to use for SEO

  • Blockquotes

  • Unordered and ordered lists

  • Text alignment

  • List indentation

Inline options

Inline options can be applied to selected text within a paragraph including:

  • Text links

  • Code styling

  • Subscript and superscript

Text styles

The following are styles that can be applied to selected text:

  • Font family

  • Font weight

  • Font size

  • Color

  • Line-height

  • Letter spacing

  • Styles including italics, underline, and strikethrough

  • Uppercase

All text styles can be saved as a typography style to easily reuse across a site. Learn how to use typography.

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