Within a site’s settings, you can do the following:

  1. Rename the site

  2. Add and manage custom domains

  3. Set the site favicon

  4. Archive the site

  5. Delete the site

Managing custom domain

A site uses a single, primary domain that is applied to all the site’s pages. Select from your list of domains connected to your site. Learn more about adding custom domains here.

Setting a favicon

To select a custom favicon, click “Change favicon”. The files picker will open, allowing you to select an existing file or add a new one. 

A .png file with minimum dimensions of 32 x 32 px is recommended. Keep in mind that favicons are displayed at only 16 x 16 px in the browser tab, so anything larger than 32 x 32 px is unnecessary.

Archiving a site

Archiving your site will take it offline. You can reactivate an archived site at any time.

Deleting a site

Deleting a site will remove all of its collections and pages and cannot be undone. Form submissions from that site will remain in your database will not be deleted.

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