Use buttons to create links within your pages. The following are the link options for buttons:

  • Open a Makeswift page
  • Open an external URL
  • Compose an email
  • Call a phone number
  • Scroll to an element

Open page

When linking to other pages within your site, you’ll select from a list of existing pages. Once a page is selected, the page’s URL will be used for the button link. If the page’s URL is updated in the future, the button link will automatically update as well.

Scroll to element

To use “Scroll to element” you must first give the target element a custom name. This name will now appear in the dropdown found in the button’s “On click” panel.

You can also select the screen position of the scrolled to element.

Styling buttons

You can select from a list of premade styles for your button. Along with styles, you can customize the size, shape, color and text styles.

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