Text styles

Text styles allow you to save fonts, color, and formatting for text and reuse them across your site. For example, you can create text styles for page titles, subheadings, and paragraph text. If you need to change the text styles on every page in your site, you can easily do so within any page using text styles.

We recommend using text styles for all text on your site.

Adding text styles

To create a new text style, select text with styles you wish to save. All the options found in the "Text style" panel can be saved within a text style. You can also create a new text style from the theme sidebar when no elements are selected.

Options set for each device mode are also saved within a single text style.

With that text selected, open the text style dropdown and select "Create text style".

Applying text styles

To apply a text style, select an entire block of text, or just a single word. Open the text style dropdown and select a style.

Updating text styles

To update a text style, select a piece of text using an existing text style. Edit any option in the "Text style" panel. You'll notice those updated inputs turn blue, letting you know an override has been made to an existing text style.

To apply these new text styles across your site, open the text style dropdown and click "Update text style." You can also update any text styles directly from the theme sidebar when no elements are selected.


Text style updates will be applied globally to your site, including live pages. Other changes on your pages will not be published.

Resetting typography styles

If you've overriden any options from a text style, but want to revert to the original text style, open the text style dropdown and click "Reset styles."

You can also remove a text style by highlighting the text and selecting "Clear text" found at the bottom of the text style dropdown.

Managing text styles

You can also rename or delete a text style from inside the text style dropdown, or from the theme sidebar.

Deleting a text style will remove the style from every text using it across your entire site. This action CANNOT be undone. The text style will have to be re-created and manually applied to every page to add it back to your site.

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