Adding fonts

Select from over 1,000+ fonts from Google Fonts to add to your site. To add new fonts, open any font or font style dropdown and click "Manage site fonts".

After clicking on the "Add fonts" button, you'll be able to select from the full Google Fonts catalog. Search for a specific font as well as preview all of a font's styles. Use the checkboxes on the right to select multiple fonts to add to your site.

After clicking the "Add fonts" button, you'll be able to select which font weights/styles to make available in the font panel. Keep in mind that adding too many font styles will increase page loading times.

Once saved, you'll be able to use all of your selected fonts and font styles within any page on your site. Fonts and their styles can also be saved within a text style.

Removing fonts

Remove fonts by clicking the trash icon at the top-right of each font within the Manage site fonts dialog.

Once removed, fonts will be displayed as missing within the styles sidebar. Font styles will also be displayed as missing when removed.

Font updates will be applied globally to your site, including live pages. Other changes on your pages will not be published.

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