Page settings and theme

When no elements are selected on a page, the "Page settings & theme" sidebar will be displayed on the right. This sidebar consists of 3 parts:

  • Page settings
  • Site theme
  • Page styles

Page settings

Page settings consists of metadata and snippets. You can manage the page's title and description, which will also affect a page's SEO. You can also select a social image for each page that will be displayed when a page is shared across platforms.

Snippets are blocks of code, such as tracking pixels or custom code, shared at the site level which can be added to your pages. Learn more about snippets here.

Site theme

Site colors and text styles can be created and managed within the theme section of the sidebar.

Page styles

Every page is wrapped in a page element. The page element contains a grid, similar to a box, but cannot be deleted. You can set full page backgrounds, as well as change the visibility of elements directly placed into the page.

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