Form handlers using Zapier

Makeswift form submissions can be sent to other applications, such as Pardot, by using form handlers and Zapier. Zapier is an automation tool allowing you to connect over 2,000 apps together. Zapier will also ensure that data is sent to its intended destination when set up correctly.

Before continuing, visit our Zapier integration article and follow the section titled "Creating a trigger". Return to this article to set up your action.

Using Zapier Webhooks

Search for "Webhooks" and select "Webhooks by Zapier".

For the event action, open the dropdown and select the "POST" option.

You can now paste in your form handler into the URL field. To send form data to Pardot, you would use something like "" and replace "form_handler_id" with your own ID.

In the first input of each row within the "Data" section, type in your Pardot fields. In the second input, select the database table column that maps to the Pardot field on the left. Keep in mind fields are case sensitive. Clicking the "+" button will add more rows.

Follow the remaining prompts to finish setting up your Zap. Once turned on, new form data from Makeswift will automatically be sent using your form handler.

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