Zapier is an automation tool allowing you to connect over 2,000 apps together. An integration between two apps is called a “Zap”. Within a Zap, you select a trigger, followed by an action.

For example, when a new record is added to a database table, Zapier can send that data to Mailchimp and create a new subscriber. You can create Zaps to do a variety of automated tasks with no code required.

All Zaps are created and managed in Zapier. You can find links to Zapier at the top of each database table.

Create a Zap with Makeswift

Creating a trigger

Create a new Zapier account, or log in to an existing one. In your Zapier dashboard, click “Make a Zap”. Search for "Makeswift" and select the Makeswift app.

Sign in to your Makeswift account and click “Continue”.

“New record” will automatically be selected as the trigger event. Click “Continue”.

Select which Makeswift workspace your database table is within. If the table is in a folder, select the folder in the dropdown. If the folder is nested within multiple folders, you’ll need to click and select the folder dropdown several times. Select the table in the last dropdown and click “Continue”.

Click “Test & Continue” to finish setting up your trigger. It’s time to move onto the action.

Creating an action

Search for and select the app you’d like to send Makeswift data to. When setting up the action, make sure to correctly map all the Makeswift fields to the correlating app fields. If you'd like to add a timestamp field, you can do so by following these instructions.

Click “Continue”.

You should now see actual test data pulled from your Makeswift table. Click “Test & Continue” to send the test data to your app and finish creating the action.

Your Zap is complete! Within the same Zap, you can add more actions to other apps.

View a full list of apps in Zapier and their available actions here.

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